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Intel® Innovation Across Industries

Intel® innovation across industries helps retail, energy management, transportation, healthcare, and education.

Create “Wow” Customer Experiences

Create engaging customer experiences across the omni-channel strategy by managing inventory, digital content, and audience analytics in real time.

Retail Solutions for the Internet of Things

Explore immersive Intel®-based device, service, and turnkey retail solutions to inspire richer shopping experiences in-store, online, or on the go.

Intelligent Vending—Give Customers a Unique Shopping Experience

Reinvent the shopping experience on intelligent vending, with connected, managed, and secure solutions for your seamless omni-channel initiatives.

CareView* Providing Data to Improve Patient Care and Comfort

CareView* cameras help hospitals provide better, more efficient, and cost-effective care.

Intel® Intelligent Systems: Smarter Embedded Solutions

Discover the world of embedded innovation with Intel's intelligent systems solutions and find resources for developers in the Intel® EDC.

Intel® Technology Adds Performance to Microcell Devices

UK intelligent microcell maker Ubiquisys enables mobile data and application performance with the compute power of Intel® technology.

Tech Today: Real-Time Decision Making for Rural First Response

Tech Today discusses how rural first response and treatment of heart attacks victims improves with affordable Intel® technology-based solutions.

Entwicklung von Einzelhandelslösungen für den aktuellen Markt

Finden Sie Erkenntnisse und Tools für die Entwicklung von Einzelhandelslösungen, die den Gewinn erhöhen und die Kundentreue stärken.

Partner für die Implementierung von Einzelhandelslösungen

Führt Anbieter für die Implementierung von Einzelhandelslösungen auf, die das Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework mit Integratoren, Netzwerkbetreiber und vieles mehr unterstützen.