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Virtual Video Transcoding and Accelerated Video in the Cloud

Presents forces driving the need for an accelerated video cloud and the implications of open source technologies for SDN and NFV architectures.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 and Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series

Platform brief: Provides an overview, features, and benefits for Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx and Intel® Xeon® processor E5-based platforms.

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What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Infographic: Future growth of networked devices.

Intel® Communications Technology

Intel communications based on Intel® architecture enhance the future of communications today.

Intel and CPRM

Intel, CPRM and CPPM advance content protection to parallel innovation in the digital home.

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Intel and DCTP*

Intel helped to develop the Digital Transmission Content Protection standards specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the home.

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Cedarview Norco B3 Board Platform Intel® BLDK: Release Notes

Release Notes: Cedarview Norco B3 Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit release notes provide overview of kit, features, configuration, issues, and more.

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Intel® Data Plane Development Kit for Linux*: Guide

Getting Started Guide: Describes how to install and configure the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit for Linux*. (v.7, Jun. 2014)

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Intel® Data Plane Development Kit Testpmd Application: Guide

User Guide: Describes how to run the testpmd application to test Intel® Data Plane Development Kit in packet forwarding mode. (v.4, Jun. 2014)

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Data Plane Packet Processing Embedded Intel® Architecture: Paper

White Paper: Discusses techniques for overcoming challenges to achieve high-performance data plane packet processing on embedded Intel® architecture.

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