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In Retail Conversation with Michele Tinsley on Secure Payments

Intel’s Michele Tinsley discusses secure payments, retail security, and wearable technology in a retail conversation with David Roth at NRF 2015.

ArtRage* Fosters Creative Thinking

Application Brief: ArtRage* simulates the process of creating art with digital representations of artist tools, fostering students’ creative thinking.

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SPARKvue* Increases Student Engagement

Application Brief: SPARKvue* allows students to collect, evaluate, and analyze data, activating thinking skills and fostering student engagement.

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Science Exploration App Promotes Student Inquiry

Application Brief: Intel® Education Lab Camera is a science app that enables students to use a PC’s built-in camera for science projects.

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Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Learn how Intel® architecture provides digital solutions in healthcare and life sciences with technology for data management and medical research.

Classroom Management App Eliminates Distractions

Application Brief: Classroom Management app allows teachers to support interactivity and collaborative work while eliminating distractions.

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Mobile Healthcare—Powering the Health Workforce

Intel powers the next generation of Ultrabooks™, tablets, devices, and smart phones in the hospital, clinic, and home.

BMC Maintains Exceptional Patient Care with the DRIVE Solution

To maintain exceptional patient care, Boston Medical College chose the DRIVE solution to consolidate patient medical records and optimized processes.

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Delivering Personalized Medicine Today White Paper

High-performance computing, domain expertise, and Intel’s application expertise help demonstrate next-gen sequencing as a personalized medicine tool.

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The Future of Personalized Medicine

With OHSU, Intel helps develop the future of personalized medicine with tech that boosts the speed, precision, and effectiveness of analyzing data.