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Intel® She Will Connect

Closing the Internet gender gap, Intel® She Will Connect commits to connect women to the Internet, each other, the world, and a world of opportunity.

Colegio San Narciso Goes From Textbooks to Tablets

Case Study: Colegio San Narciso equips 300 students with Intel® Atom™ processor-powered Papyre EDU* tablets to enhance digital learning.

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Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women

Intel invests in programs for girls and women around the world because education is a fundamental right, and tech opens doors to opportunity.

MakeHers Report: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing

Full report: The Maker Movement has the potential to change the future of computing for girls and women.

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Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Workspace

"Create or modify assessments using the Assessing Projects application.

Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches

Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Overview and Benefits

Learn more about the features of Assessing Projects. Read research about the benefits of different kinds of assessments.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Self Direction & Collaboration

Use these strategies to assess student’ ability to take ownership of their learning, and self- and peer assess work.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Gauging Student Needs

Use these strategies prior to instruction to help determine a student’s skills, attitudes, and misconceptions.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Monitoring Progress

Use these strategies to help students stay on-track, design appropriate instruction, and document growth.