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Intel Celebrates 40 Years of Impacting the World

Video: We have been the driving force behind the global technology revolution for more than 40 years. See how we are shaping the future today.

Moore's Law and Intel Innovation

Learn about Moore’s Law, the business model that drives the semiconductor industry and the exponential growth that continues today.

Making Silicon Chips

Explore how Intel drives digital innovation with the world’s most advanced manufacturing and learn about what goes into making silicon chips.

Visit the Intel Museum

Plan your visit to the Intel Museum with information on location, visiting hours, holidays and special closures, and student and group tours.

The Story of the Intel® 4004

Explore the history of Intel’s first microprocessor, the Intel® 4004, from its invention to its lasting integrated electronics influence.

1979 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1979.

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1981 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1981.

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1982 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1982.

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1978 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1978.

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