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Federal Contractor Veterans’ Employment Report VETS-100A

Intel’s veteran employment report showing existing and new hire full- and part-time employee data by job category.

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Diversity Employee Groups

Diversity Employee Groups

A Message from our Global Diversity and Inclusion Director

Intel's Global Diversity and Inclusion Director

Mobile Learning's Many Manifestations

Mobile learning has many manifestations, enabling teaching moments beyond the classroom

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Journey from Education to Employment

Designing a system that works for the journey from education to employment

New Technologies on the March in Education

The number of students learning outside the classroom is exploding as new technologies offer access to education

Intel setzt auf globale Diversität und Integration

Erfahren Sie, wie Intel Unterschiedlichkeiten in Stärken verwandelt, indem das Unternehmen auf globale Diversität und Integration setzt, um eine integrative Belegschaft zu fördern.

Intel Initiative Strives to Reduce the Engineering Shortage

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini introduces STAY WITH IT and talks about the need for engineers to create "something yet to be imagined."

Diversity Scholar Program

Diversity Scholar Program

Cracking the Code to a Better Career

Technology education primes young people to excel in the digital age

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