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Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women

Intel invests in programs for girls and women around the world because education is a fundamental right, and tech opens doors to opportunity.

Sourcing Conflict-Free Minerals from Sub-Saharan Africa

See how Intel helps guarantee the use of conflict-free minerals in consumer devices and improve the lives of miners in sub-Saharan Africa.

Conflict-Free Technology Panel Discussion at CES 2014

Intel’s Brian Krzanich, Enough Project director Sasha Lezhnev, and actor Robin Wright discuss the quest for conflict-free technology at CES 2014.

New Research Findings: MakeHers Report

The Maker Movement has the potential to change the future of computing for girls and women.

MakeHers Report: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing

Full report: The Maker Movement has the potential to change the future of computing for girls and women.

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Verwendung konfliktfreier Mineralien bei Intel

Erfahren Sie, wie Intel sich durch eine verbesserte Sorgfaltspflicht in der Lieferkette, breit angelegte Maßnahmen und regionale Beschaffung für die Verwendung konfliktfreier Mineralien einsetzt.

Intel in New Mexico

Supporting environmentalism, Intel in Rio Rancho, New Mexico sponsors the Water Conservation / Xeriscape Conference for educating conservation.

Intel in Washington

Operating two campuses, Intel in Washington donated more than $818,000 in grants and contributions to k-12 schools and nonprofits.

Intel Involved Matching Grant Program

The Intel Involved Matching Grant Program aims to recognize and motivate Intel employees to engage in outreach and volunteerism.

Intel in Massachusetts

With the Intel Foundation, Intel in Hudson, Massachusetts giving totaled $6.6 million to education, United Way, and other nonprofit organizations.