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Moore's Law and Intel Innovation

Learn about Moore’s Law, the business model that drives the semiconductor industry and the exponential growth that continues today.

Intel Timeline: A History of Innovation

Explore Intel’s history of innovation in an interactive timeline; view Intel’s biggest accomplishments and newsworthy moments by year or decade.

Das Unternehmen Intel im Überblick

Mit dieser Unternehmensübersicht können Sie Intel kennenlernen, technologische Innovationen entdecken und sich Biografien von Mitgliedern der Geschäftsleitung, offene Stellen und Links zu sozialen Medien ansehen.

Experience Intel® Innovation

See the benefits of Intel® Innovation, from wireless charging to Intel® RealSense™ apps, improve efficiency and performance with Intel® technology.

Intel Museum: Journey Through Decades of Innovation

Explore the people and technology that changed our world through Intel Museum online exhibits, and view event, location, and tour information.

Intel in Oregon

Capital investment at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon totals over $25 billion since 1974.

Intel in Texas

In 2011, over 40 percent of Intel in Austin, Texas employees volunteered in schools and nonprofits, creating thousands of dollars in matched grants.

Corporate Archives: Contact Us

Complete this form with questions or feedback, and an Intel representative will promptly research and respond directly by e-mail.

1986 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1986.

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1987 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1987.

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