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Intel Initiative Strives to Reduce the Engineering Shortage

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini introduces STAY WITH IT and talks about the need for engineers to create "something yet to be imagined."

Better Future Storybook: Margie Morris and Verbalucce

Intel Labs research scientist Margie Morris discusses the Verbalucce engine and analyzing how we talk to each other to improve communication.

1986 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1986.

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1987 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1987.

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Konfliktfreie Mineralien und Intel

Erfahren Sie, wie Intel durch eine verbesserte Sorgfaltspflicht in der Lieferkette, breit angelegte Maßnahmen und regionale Abbauinitiativen die Verwendung konfliktfreier Mineralien fördert.

Intel Public Policy

Intel public policy promotes innovation worldwide.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* and Windows* 8.1

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* takes advantage of built-in Windows* 8.1 capabilities to simplify mobile device management.

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Northern Michigan University: Tablets in the Classroom

Anytime, anywhere learning with personal Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 systems featuring Intel® WiMAX empowers Northern Michigan University students and faculty.

Corporate Questions: Contact Us

Complete this form with questions or feedback, and an Intel representative will promptly research and respond directly by e-mail.