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Mobile Workflows Enhance Health Care at Pediatric Associates

Case Study: Pediatric Associates Inc., PS improves the quality of its health care services with mobile workflows using Intel®-based tablets.

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Software-Defined Infrastructure for Health Care Organizations

Infographic: See how software-defined infrastructure for health care organizations can provide benefits that meet growing data and storage needs.

Intel® Products and Technologies for Network Infrastructure

Intel® products and technologies make it easier to build, enhance, and operate network infrastructure.

Intel's Vision for the Internet of Things: Creating Solutions

Rose Schooler answers the question of how Intel is investing and driving innovation in IoT, and she shares Intel's vision for the Internet of Things.

Curbing Healthcare Workarounds: Driving Efficient Coworker Collaboration

White Paper: Reviews an Intel and HIMSS Analytics 2014 follow-up survey on curbing health care workarounds to prevent data breaches.

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Intel Retail Solution Overview: Interactive Dining Experience

Brief: Tanjarine* solution increases Beef O'Brady's operational means, table turnover rates, and customer satisfaction with improved table service.

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Innovative Halbleitertechnik von Intel

Intel setzt in seiner Halbleiterfertigung auf schnelle, intelligente und energieeffiziente Techniken, die zur Steigerung der Leistung und Verringerung der Umweltauswirkungen beitragen.

Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Overview: Video

Video: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions include hardware, OS, and pre-validated automotive middleware to simplify design. (v.3.7, May 2014)

Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Development Kit: Brief

Brief: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Development Kits include a compute module, chassis, middleware and development tools.(v.1.0, May 2014)

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Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions: Brief

Brief: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions include processors, compute modules, and an automotive platform with integrated middleware. (v.1.0, May 2014)

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