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Wireless Medicine - The Promise of Smart Devices by Dr. Eric Topol

Dr. Topol talks about the promise of wireless medical technology and how the smart device capability will improve healthcare and reduce costs.

Intel's Industrial Controller in Concert

Demo highlighting the scalability of multi-core Atom products reveals how Atom can be used real-time in the industrial environment.

Respondesign's MayaFit Digital Fitness Trainer*

MayaFit is the world's first digital fitness trainer, delivering the benefits of a personal trainer to every person in a fitness center.

Intel® Galileo Development Board Power-up Demo: Video

Video: Getting started with the Intel® Galileo development board—hands-on demonstration of connection and power-up (part 2 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)

Intel® Galileo Development Board Arduino IDE and USB: Video

Video: Getting Started with the Intel® Galileo development board – how to install the Arduino IDE and USB driver (part 3 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)

Intel® Galileo Development Board Telnet Enablement: Video

Video: Getting started with the Intel® Galileo development board—how to enable the Telnet daemon (part 8 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)

Intel® Active Management Technology for Embedded Applications

Webinar describes Intel® Active Management Technology, a key part of Intel® vPro™ technology that enables remote management of embedded clients.

The Future of Medical Technology

Intel Medical Market Manager Alex Zilberman explains embedded healthcare medical equipment and how Intel is improving device functionality.

Healthcare IT Perspectives Latest Edition

Video: learn about Regional Extension Centers, e-Prescribing, and securing remote access to patient data via cloud.

Intel® Virtualization Technology for Embedded Applications

An overview of Intel® Virtualization Technology, covering benefits, market segments usage models, and implementation details. (v.1, May 2010)