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Case Study - OMRON*'s Integrated Machine Controller

Equipment manufacturer changes platform architecture to deliver a high-performance controller

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Intel Responds to Global Industry Needs

Learn more about how Intel® Architecture is deployed for industrial factory automation uses such as robots, human machine interfaces, and others.

Maintaining Security in Embedded Industrial Systems

A recognized authority on connected computing, Dr. Reiher explains why embedded security has become a pivotal issue for embedded OEMs and developers.

Microsoft, Intel Industrial Control Devices: Solution Brief

Solution Brief: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0*, Intel® Atom™ processor standards-based devices shorten development time and lower cost.

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Intel, Siemens and Microsoft Demonstrate a Smart, Digital Factory

Microsoft Windows* Embedded CE operating system and low-power Intel® Atom™ processor deliver cost-effective, real-time performance.

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Intel® Atom™ Processors for Embedded Power Management

Product Brief: The Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series has power management tools ideal for fanless embedded and thermally constrained applications.

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Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series for Embedded Computing: Brief

Product Brief: Overviews Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series platform, software, and product highlights that meet embedded computing requirements.

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Real-time Control of Robots Using Intel Architecture

Case Study discusses Soft Servo Systems, Inc. with Intel® architecture in robots’ real-time interactivity with rock-paper-scissors game with humans.

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