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Intel®-TXT-Lösungsanbieter: Lösungen und Produkte mit Intel® Trusted-Execution-Technik

Intel®-TXT-Lösungsanbieter: Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit Anbietern von Lösungen, die zur Verstärkung der Vertrauenswürdigkeit und Sicherheit gegenwärtig die Intel® Trusted-Execution-Technik in ihre Produkte integrieren.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Video Collection

Explore a video collection of applications, benefits, and cloud and enterprise security examples for Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

How Intel Security Defends Against Malware

Intel arms your software with the visibility and tools it needs to prevent, find, freeze, and fix vulnerabilities and defend against malware.

Contact Us: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Fill out this form for questions on Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

Develop Secure Cloud Services for Enterprise Computing

This paper describes how OpSource utilized Intel® technology to address challenges in developing a base for secure enterprise cloud services.

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Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Measured Launched Environment Programming Guide

Measured launched environment developer’s guide for platform-level enhancements, provides the building clocks to create trusted platforms.

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Intel® Hardware-Based Technologies for Intelligent Systems

Discover hardware-based technologies that lower costs, increase security, and simplify the management of intelligent systems. (v.1, Aug. 2013)

Supermicro* and Intel® TXT One-Stop Activation Guide

How to activate Intel® TXT on Intel® Xeon® processor-based Supermicro* servers for security against hypervisor, BIOS, and other pre-launch attacks.

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure with SoftLayer* Platform

IBM's Mac Devine talks about SoftLayer's work with Intel® Cloud Technology to extend enterprise workloads by establishing geo-based cloud services.

Cloud Security: Isolation & Encryption with Intel® VT, Intel® TXT

New IT Challenges -- Trends in attackers, IT landscapes, changes in regulatory environment. Intel provides solutions with Intel® TXT and Intel® VT.