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Intelligent Platform Management Interface Adopters List

Lists updated Intelligent Platform Management Interface industry promoters, adopters, and contributors using the specification.

IPMI Server Management Provides Mission Critical Stability

IPMI provides sound server management through an interoperable, extensible, and scalable architecture that lowers total cost of ownership.

SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosures Specification Download

Provides a link to the SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosures Interface Specification, April 1997 revision, and an explanation of the specification.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface Demo

Information page includes links to technical documents and an animated intelligent platform management interface demo that shows IPMI in action.

IPMI Common Information Model Mapping Guideline: Document

Document: Defines the common information model (CIM) mapping guideline for server management, including cross-vendor mapping of IPMI to CIM.

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Platform Management Tools and Controllers Enhance Design

Presentation: Platform management tools reduce system cost, while available controllers and sensors meet design differentiation needs.

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IPMI Second Generation: Adopter’s Agreement

Adopter’s Agreement: A patent license agreement among parties wishing to adopt the IPMI second generation specification, including terms of use.

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Server Management Tools Enable Design Differentiation

Presentation: Server management tools and controllers enable competitive server management features and enable design differentiation.

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Field Replaceable Unit Information Storage for IPMI: Document

Document: Defines and describes the common format and use of the field replaceable unit information storage in platforms using IPMI.

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Implementing IPMI, V1.5 for Server Management

Presentation: IPMI, V1.5 provides the foundation for extensible, cross-platform manageability, and reduces time to market.

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