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Intel Visual Technology: Demo

The Second Generation Intel® Core™ processor optimally balances performance, power and capabilities to deliver a seamless visual experience.

Intel Tick Tock Model

Intel's Tick-Tock model maintains an innovation cadence in microprocessor manufacturing and microarchitecture with new advancements every other year.

Intel® Smart Cache: Demo

Intel® Smart Cache increases probability that each processor core accesses data from the faster, more efficient cache subsystem.

Rechenzentrumseffizienz mit Intel® Technik

Intels Innovationen für die Effizienz von Rechenzentren konzentrieren sich auf Leistungskriterien und die Bereitstellung einer präzisen Instrumentierung, die hilfreich für Ihr Unternehmen sein kann.

Jasper Forest From Intel Animation

Video introduces Jasper Forest: the newest addition to the Intel® Xeon® processor family.

Intel® Node Manager Capable Platform Configuration

Detailed walk-through of how to set up Intel® Node Manager includes installing the system in the data center and configuration of energy monitoring.

Basics of Building Intel® Architecture Design

White Paper: Describes elements of Intel® architecture design, including voltage regulators, clock sources, and power sequencing. (v.1, Sept. 2010)

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Reduce Interrupt Latency in Embedded Systems

White Paper: MSI remove limitations associated with Intel® architecture, reduce interrupt latency and overhead, improving performance. (Jan. 2009)

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Paper: 32nm Logic Technology for High Performance Microprocessors

Logic Paper: 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors

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32nm Logic Technology with 2nd Gen High-k + Metal Gate Transistors

Presentation of 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors featuring 2nd generation high-k + metal gate transistors.

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