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Intel® RAID Advantages for 3 and 6Gb/s Drive-based Solutions

Intel® RAID offers 6Gb/s technologies powered by LSI MegaRAID*, and brings significant performance improvements to existing systems.

Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080 Product Brief

Brief: Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080, with LSI MegaRAID*, has scalable and configuration flexibility for l/O and throughput intensive applications.

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Intel® RAID: World Class Performance

Video: Intel® 6Gb/s RAID controllers features and benefits, including more database transactions and faster backups. Technical specs are outlined.

Intel® RAID Controller RS25NB008: Product Brief

Delivering optimized application and data protection performance, the Intel® RAID Controller RS25NB008 enables hybrid servers and two processor cores.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040 Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040, part of Intel® 6Gb/s SAS adapter family, for solutions with expander backplanes or low drive counts.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS2VB080 Product Brief

Delivering more data protection and performance, the Intel® RAID Controller RS2VB080 enables increased productivity and simplified IT.

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Intel® RAID Controller RT3WB080 Product Brief

Intel® RAID Controller RT3WB080 enhanced data protection with RAID-On-Chip technology for high capacity SATA drive systems.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS3SC008

Side, tipped 45-degree-angle view of RS3SC008

Intel® RAID Controllers RS3DC080 and RS3DC040: Product Brief

Brief: Intel® RAID Controllers RS3DC080 and RS3DC040 features, benefits, and specs provide performance and scalability for server environments.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080

Intel® RAID Controller RS2SB008—exceptional performance, scalability, and configuration flexibility for l/O and throughput-intensive applications.