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Infographic: Intel®-Powered Autonomous Driving

Shows how Intel is architecting the future of transportation with autonomous driving on an end-to-end platform that helps protect people and data.

Lösungen für die Automobilindustrie und das Auto der nächsten Generation

Lösungen für die Automobilindustrie auf Basis der Intel®-Architektur ermöglichen durch Reduzierung von Komplexität, Kosten und Zeitaufwand die Verkehrsmittel der Zukunft.

Intel Involved—Transforming Lives

Deeply embedded in Intel’s culture is a passion for community involvement, enabling a better future for all.

Intel Around the World

Connect with Intel programs across states, such as financial contributions to schools, donations to United Way, and teacher training.

Wearable Technologie von Intel®

Wearables bieten intelligente Vernetzungs- und Computerfunktionalität in praktisch jeder beliebigen Form.

BMW Uses OpenStack* to Accelerate Business Growth

BMW uses OpenStack* and Intel® architecture to build a software-defined infrastructure that supports several use cases.

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Wireless Core Network

Intel® architecture on a single platform streamlines development, reduces cost and time-to-market, and improves the user experience.

Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience—SAP HANA and Intel

Brief: See how SAP HANA and Intel provide a single platform, real-time analytics solution to help retailers deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

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SATO and Intel Bring Advanced Analytics to In-Store Retail

Solution Brief: SATO and Intel integrate hardware and software to bring analytics to retail for inventory accuracy and actionable business insight.

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Infographic: Big Data—A Retail Perspective

This infographic explores questions like: "What is Big Data?" and shows the challenges and benefits of using Big Data from a retailer's perspective.