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Praxisbeispiel für das Internet der Dinge: Snapshots und Konzepte

IoT-Plattform: Nutzen Sie Lösungskonzepte und Praxisbeispiele um IoT-Lösungen in Ihrem Unternehmen zu implementieren.

Corner Glue: Application Techniques and Materials

Reviews corner glue use as a component to reduce soldering joint strain, material selection criteria, and demonstrates proper application techniques.

Ball Grid Array Rework: Package-on-Package Devices

Package-on-package device rework demos developing a thermal reflow profile, PCB pad site dress and cleaning, and new component preparation.

Intel Online Events

Watch and listen to Intel-hosted webinars and online events, and learn about innovative technologies, new products, and evolving trends.

Das Unternehmen Intel im Überblick

Mit dieser Unternehmensübersicht können Sie Intel kennenlernen, technologische Innovationen entdecken und sich Biografien von Mitgliedern der Geschäftsleitung, offene Stellen und Links zu sozialen Medien ansehen.

Mobile Retail Solutions that Engage Customers

See how the latest mobile retail solutions, based on Intel® processors, make it easy for associates to help engage customers and compare products.

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Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.

Getting Started with Big Data Analytics in Retail

Solution Blueprint: How Living Naturally uses big data to boost retail sales and learn patterns, reduce inventory costs, and identify opportunities.

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Transforming the End-to-End Customer Experience

Solution Brief: Analyze data for store-based insight to engage customers from end to end, identify trends, and improve sales, inventory management.

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Internet of Things Sensors Add Intelligence to Trucks

Real-time data produced by hundreds of sensors on commercial trucks is used to manage what is happening on the vehicle at any given time.