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Integrated Intel® Platforms Enable Design Flexibility and Speed

Product Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2230/2250 platform family consists of highly integrated platforms providing faster time to market and a compact layout.

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How Mobile Tools Enable Collaborative Workflows

Video: Witness discharge and emergency transport to see how real time data sharing and secure mobile devices can make a "meaningful difference."

Discover the Mobile Experience with Intel

Connecting the world, Intel mobile communications offer seamless solutions in comprehensive cloud services across devices, networks, and standards.

Intel® BlueMoon™ Produkte bieten Bluetooth* Lösungen

Die Intel® BlueMoon™ Ein-Chip-Halbleiter- und integrierte IP-Block-Lösung ermöglicht mehr Flexibilität und Optimierung.

Firmenprofil: Intel® Mobile Communications

Firmenprofil Intel® Mobile Communications entwickelt und vermarktet innovative Halbleiterprodukte und -lösungen für die Mobilfunkkommunikation.

Intel® Mobile Communications EMEA Distributors

Table with contact information for mobile communications EMEA distributors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Intel® Mobile Communications Japan Distributors

Intel® Mobile Communications Japan Distributors

Intel® Mobile Communications Software für Mobiltelefone

Intel Mobile Communications Software für Mobiltelefone bietet 2G-, 3G- und LTE-Protokollstack-Software.

Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150 series is based on 65 nm CMOS technology integrating a baseband, RF transceiver, power-management unit, and FM radio.

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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Simplifies Deployment

Intel’s Stefani Eisele explains how the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework enables data sharing between devices, reducing deployment efforts.

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