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Intel PC-Gesamtbetriebskosten-Kalkulation

Tool: berechnet den optimalen Erneuerungszyklus für Ihre Firma auf der Grundlage einer EAC-Analyse (Equivalent Annual Cost).

Data Center Efficiency and Retrofit Best Practices

Intel IT data center retrofits aim to increase efficiency, optimize capacity and ROI, decrease operating costs, and minimize the impact to customers.

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Inside-IT-Podcastreihe über IT-Erfolgsmethoden von Intel

Im „Inside IT“-Podcast sprechen Experten von Intel IT über IT-Erfolgsmethoden in den jeweiligen Fachgebieten. Themen sind zum Beispiel Cloud-Computing, Sicherheit und das „Compute Continuum“.

Cloud Devices: How Client Devices Affect User's Cloud Experience

Intel IT internal testing determined mobile business PCs provide the optimum user experience and productivity when using cloud-hosted applications.

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Developing an Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy

A strategy of cloud growth from the inside out delivers many of the benefits of cloud computing and positions us to utilize external clouds over time.

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IT Consumerization in Education: Top Marks for Tablets

Case Study: City of Liverpool College faculty employ IT consumerization in education using Intel®-based tablets to teach more efficient learning.

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Engineering Productivity Optimized: Workstation-Centered Computing

Brief: Workstation cluster computing pilot shows performance, remote manageability, and security equivalent to servers hosted at local data centers.

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Results of Intel IT's Testing of Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 Family

Video: Intel IT datacenter adopts the Intel® Xeon® processors E7 family and projects USD 650 million value by 2014.

Intel AMT Pilots, Activations, ROI Study

Video: Intel® AMT and Intel® vPro™ technology manages your networked assets more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Intel IT's Data Center Facilities

Video: Intel IT data center strategy covers improving facility efficiency with new designs and approaches to reducing power consumption.