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Lenovo Secure Cloud Access* Using Stoneware webNetwork*

Guide: Fix growing client and cloud disconnect with Lenovo* Secure Client Access and Intel client-aware cloud Web API for richer end-user capability.

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Integrating Intel® TXT Enabled Clouds

Security integration of an Intel® TXT enabled cloud infrastructure with McAfee Security Management Platform* leveraging Trapezoid TCS*.

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OpenStack* Open Source Software for Cloud Computing

Video: IT experts discuss OpenStack proof of concept, which aligns with security and carbon footprint usage models from the Open Data Center Alliance.

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Design and Deployment on Oracle*

Reduce the learning curve for building a cloud computing infrastructure with the Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure*.

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Intel® Cloud Builders: Build and Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

Video: highlights Intel® Cloud Builders, a program designed to ease the deployment of cloud infrastructure.

Intel, Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment Guide

Design Guide: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal 2.0* and Intel® Cloud Builders cloud infrastructure guide.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Powerleader Power Rack Server*

Brief: setup a private cloud with Windows Server Hyper-V*, the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0*.

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Intel, Univa Private Cloud and Multi-Cloud Management Guide

Design Guide: Univa UniCloud*, Intel detail virtual data center installation and configuration steps for large enterprise systems.

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Intel® Cloud Builders: Gateway Security with Intel SOA Expressway

Solution Brief: Intel® Cloud Builders Guide on cloud design and deployment with Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers and Intel® SOA Expressway.

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Cloud Design Guide with Enhanced Server Platform VMware Security

Security Design Guide: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, VMware vCenter*, and VMware vSphere* creates cloud platform security.

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