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Konfigurationslösungen für den Einzelhandel von Intel

Lösungen für Meisterung der alltäglichen Herausforderungen im Einzelhandel mithilfe der Intel® Architektur.

Image Recognition Technology to Ensure Product Placement

Shelf Compliance Solution Minimizes Inventory Distortion.

Interactive Store Product Introduction

Brings the convenience of online retail inside the electronics store.

Tie Inventory Visibility Across Retail Channels

Ensures prices, promotions, and inventory views are the same regardless of the shopping mode.

Self-service Mobile Offer Center

Allow customers to receive deals on their mobile phones and then redeem them wirelessly.

Purpose Built Mobile Checkout Devices

Get your customers on their way faster with mobile checkout.

Retail Systems Remote Manageability of Devices

Support many devices across multiple stores, countries, and geographies from a centralized location.

Empowering Sales Assistant's with a Mobile Platform

Build synchronized, digital experience capable of building and sustaining 1:1 personal relationships.

Xeon Processor's Speed Up Analysis of Retail Data

Build a platform that runs advanced data analytics on a mix of data types, and a greater understanding of customers

Multisensory Touch-Screen Experiences in Vending

Engage customers by gifting a beverage. Show video promotions to customers