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Atos and Intel® Technology: Better Together White Paper

New technologies are changing how we work
New technologies are rapidly changing how we work and how organizations provide IT services. The increasing use of mobile devices and rising adoption of cloud-based computing services are enabling more employees to conduct a full range of work functions anytime, anywhere. New modes of communication, from instant messaging to social media, are helping to create a more agile, real-time user experience.

In the data center, shifts first to virtualization and then to private clouds and service-oriented architectures have helped improve IT flexibility and reduce costs. Solutions for analyzing big data are helping business users generate new insights from the growing volume, variety and velocity of information available.

These changes offer tremendous opportunities, but they can also present significant challenges. For example, organizations need to standardize their client systems and establish strategies to support a wide array of personally owned mobile devices while securing enterprise data. IT groups need ways to provide centralized remote management for client systems to effectively support a global workforce while controlling costs. In addition, many organizations will need to re-architect their infrastructure to provide the IT agility that businesses require while accommodating a rapidly increasing demand for technology resources.

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