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Using TCO to Determine PC Upgrade Cycles

Faster, Simpler Integration of Acquired IT Environments

Executive Summary

The acquisition of technology companies is a component of Intel’s growth strategy, often providing pivotal new technologies, talent, and expertise. These acquired businesses can range in size from a handful of employees to several thousand. They also have very diverse business models and IT infrastructures, so integrating them into Intel’s business and IT environment can be challenging. In almost every acquisition, a key issue for the Intel IT organization is determining the extent to which we will introduce our corporate standard IT solutions into the new environment.

Through nearly a hundred acquisitions over the past 12 years, we have found that deploying our standard systems and configurations almost invariably simplifies integration and delivers better total value at lower cost. Of course, it also introduces some degree of change for employees in the acquired business, so we work closely with them to minimize disruption and make sure their needs and preferences are taken into account as much as possible. This can be a major balancing act and sometimes requires significant trade-offs.

The advantages of transitioning acquired environments to our corporate standards are far reaching. This approach enables us to take advantage of best-in-class systems and proven configurations. These Intel® technology-based solutions generally deliver major increases in performance, scalability, reliability, energy-efficiency, and functionality versus the infrastructure they replace. They also provide a more flexible, secure, and well-understood foundation for future growth and can be managed largely by our remote teams using tools and processes that have been optimized across our global IT environment.

This paper discusses some of the business drivers that impact IT integration for small acquisitions. It also examines specific issues regarding the integration of corporate standards into key areas of an acquired infrastructure, including clients, servers, networking, telephony, and application.

Read the full Faster, Simpler Integration of Acquired IT Environments White Paper.

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