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Enabling BYOD with Application Streaming and Client Virtualization

Enabling BYOD with Application Streaming and Client Virtualization

Intel IT has determined that enabling devices we recognize as nonstandard, such as bring-your-own-devices (BYODs), with application streaming or client virtualization offers the most productive computing environment at the lowest cost. In use cases involving new acquisitions, offsite development centers (ODCs), and standalon...e subsidiaries, users work on BYODs that are not managed by Intel IT. We can give these users access to Intel resources in one of two ways: provision Intel standard equipment for side-by-side use with existing nonstandard devices or deliver a secure computing environment to existing nonstandard devices. The latter has proved to be the best option for us.

To determine that application streaming and client virtualization work best for nonstandard devices in our defined use cases (new acquisitions, ODCs, and standalone subsidiaries), we conducted two proof of concepts (PoCs):
• PoC 1. We assigned users either a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or a client virtualization solution and then compared the costs and user experiences. Client virtualization surpassed VDI in both areas when applied to these use cases.
• PoC 2. We set up users with an application streaming solution and found that the majority responded favorably to the installation, operation, and overall user experience.

Based on the results from these PoCs, we ruled out VDI as an approach for our defined use cases because of its expense and unsatisfactory user experience. Application streaming worked best for users who were working on applications that did not require high levels of computing power or were not graphic-intensive. Client virtualization worked best for users who required high-levels of customization and who needed to work offline. We developed a decision tree that we now apply each time we consider one of these use cases.

Read the full Enabling BYOD with Application Streaming and Client Virtualization White Paper.

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