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Intel IT Executive Insights: Addressing the Consumerization of IT 

Enabling employee access to information and applications anytime

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Intel IT Executive Insights:  Addressing the Consumerization of IT 

As mobile devices and technologies proliferate in the marketplace, an increasing number of employees at Intel want to use their personally owned devices within the enterprise. In addition, they want to choose the platforms, applications, online tools and services to accomplish their jobs and manage their lives. This trend is often referred to as the “consumerization of IT”. Intel IT recognizes that employees want access to information and applications anytime, anywhere, enabling them to work in more flexible and productive ways.

These resources provide insight into the work that Intel IT is doing in this area. We’ve broken it into four areas for consideration:


Intel IT found that client virtualization can enable enterprises to reduce total cost of ownership, provision client platforms more quickly, and provide users with greater choice and flexibility.

Collaboration and Social Computing:

Intel IT is implementing an enterprise-wide social computing platform with the goal of transforming collaboration across Intel.


Intel IT is investigating and implementing ways to allow employees to select the technology that helps them be the most productive.

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