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How Intel, Siemens and Microsoft are Demonstrating a Smart, Digital Factory

A highly productive factory moves materials efficiently across the factory floor, made possible in part by manufacturing and control data seamlessly moving from sensors to servers to services. This is the vision of Siemens, Microsoft, and Intel, who have teamed up to present the production line of the future supporting the connected digital factory. This highly scalable solution is based on Siemens industrial automation* products equipped with Intel® processors running Microsoft Windows* Embedded operating systems. The result is a more productive, greener, and safer factory production line.

This proof of concept spans the factory floor, enterprise IT, and headquarters, creating a collaborative system that coordinates plant resources, employees, customers, and suppliers. The infrastructure is cost-effective, thanks to the use of common technologies from top to bottom that lower equipment development cost and increase reliability.

Siemens PC-based automation architecture, coupled with proven Intel processor technology and Windows Embedded operating system expertise, provides manufacturers a robust solution that scales from end to end. As a result, factory IT can lower its software development effort and cost by writing to a single OS API and using a common tools chain.

The Innovative Production Line transforms industrial automation by enabling real-time factory floor data from enterprise applications, which facilitates continuous production process optimization and reduces information-sharing delays, thereby increasing overall factory productivity.

Read the full How Intel, Siemens and Microsoft are Demonstrating a Smart, Digital Factory Proof of Concept.

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