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Nth Generation creates roadmap and infrastructure for hybrid cloud to support exponential growth

• Rapidly achieve IT self-sufficiency following spinoff from parent company
• Implement a flexible foundation to support more than 14,000 current employees and exponential growth worldwide
• Support delivery of IT-as-a-Service to customers and employee

• Team with Nth Generation to evaluate, select, and design an open standards based solution
• Leverage expertise of industry-leading technology partners including HP and Intel
• Deploy Intel® technology-based infrastructure as a foundation for creation of hybrid cloud

Corporate spinoff leads to new opportunities and IT challenges
In 2009, a leading healthcare manufacturing company was spun off from its parent company. As with most spinoffs, the move provided new opportunities for the southern California based company, including the chance to sharpen its strategic vision and invest in targeted growth areas. But the move also led to challenges.

Following the spinoff, the newly independent, multi-billion-dollar company lacked a self-sufficient IT infrastructure. With more than 25,000 healthcare customers and over 14,000 employees to support worldwide, and with expectations for exponential growth in the years to come, the company needed a more flexible and modernized IT infrastructure that would also support delivery of IT-as-a-Service.

The key challenge was for the company’s small IT staff to find a way to evaluate, design, and implement the new platform—and do it all in less than one year, within tight budget constraints. With that ambitious goal in mind, in late 2009, the company’s IT staff attended an annual technology symposium presented by Nth Generation, southern California’s leading IT engineering and consulting organization.

Following three days of presentations, demonstrations, and technical “deep dives” at the symposium, the company engaged in technical discussions with Nth Generation, Intel, and HP.

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