MKB Bank Case Study: Tightening the Vaults

MKB Bank Case Study: Tightening the Vaults

MKB Bank turns to Intel® vPro™ technology to enhance disaster recovery and bolster security across its computer fleet

Being one of the largest commercial banks in Hungary, MKB Bank is a leader in project financing and factoring, with over 20 per cent market segment share. It is also one of the largest players in lending to non-financial comp...anies. With operations also in Romania and Bulgaria, the bank has approximately one million customers across the three countries. It has a mandatory obligation to ensure it has failsafe disaster recovery systems in place to ensure data protection. As a result, MKB Bank implemented Intel® vPro™ technology to provide remote management of its disaster recovery clients, and then decided to roll the technology out across its entire desktop PC and laptop fleet within its Hungarian operations.

• Disaster recovery: Ensure business-critical disaster recovery systems could be up and running within one hour
• Quick roll-out: Deploy critical workstation images unattended on disaster recovery sites within hours
• Cost savings: Reduce the cost of IT desktop management, accelerate maintenance processes, and excel on service-level agreement (SLA) goals

• Remote management: Deploy Intel® vPro™ technology on business-critical workstations across disaster recovery sites to remotely manage computers
• Optimal operations: Use Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) to optimize remote management, maintenance, repair, and hardware and software inventory
• Tighter security: Intel vPro technology and Intel AMT provide comprehensive security for desktop PC and laptops including quarantine functions that protect the network by filtering data traffic

Read the full MKB Bank Tightening the Vaults Case Study.

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