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Accelerate McAfee Endpoint Encryption* with Intel® AES-NI

Meeting Marketplace Demands Organizations are under increasing pressure to protect sensitive data and minimize the risk of data breaches. Global regulations protecting personally identifiable information (PII) are becoming more stringent, and breaches more costly to organizations that fail to comply. In addition, valuable intellectual property (IP) that holds competitive advantage is also under risk of loss, theft, or unauthorized access. Encryption is one of the best solutions to protect valuable data on endpoints by making the encrypted data unreadable by unauthorized parties. McAfee and Intel optimize full-disk encryption by adding hardware-based acceleration to software-based encryption. This gives organizations the benefits of both increased performance and security. Business Challenge If organizations have valuable IP- and/or compliance-related data, it’s a target for theft. Laptop computers have historically been a major source of sensitive data loss and leakage due to the mobility, large storage capacity, and database access capabilities of PCs. To help protect the vast amounts of digital data on these endpoints, companies deploy managed full-disk encryption to automatically secure all data on the laptop from unauthorized access. Intellectual capital (e.g., patented technology, trade secrets, and proprietary data) makes up a majority of a company’s value, so it makes sense to protect access to it, especially on mobile endpoints. For compliance-related data, when a PC with managed encryption is lost or stolen, it’s generally not considered to be a breach event because the data is unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorized individuals. Without encryption or proof of protection through managed encryption, the biggest security concern is the possibility of a data breach. The breach of confidential corporate or customer data can result in loss of intellectual property, industry and legal noncompliance penalties, and more. Solution Overview Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) acceleration speeds all AES encryption operations, making full-disk encryption even faster. Working with McAfee Endpoint Encryption* for PCs, which has unique native support for Intel® AES-NI, provides key benefits: • Reduced end user logon times • Faster resume from hibernate • Faster initial hard disk encryption • Decreased file save times

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