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Enterprise-Ready Security: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors

Executive Summary
Business clients built on Intel® processors offer strengthened security with increased productivity for business users. The embedded security technologies in these processors work beyond the OS—in the hardware and firmware—to protect users and the enterprise from new stealthy attacks that are hard to detect with conventional software solutions. Working in the hardware and firmware, they enhance user productivity, enable greater threat management, better detect and thwart identity theft, provide deeper and safer encryption, protect against data and device theft, and, in the event of a breach, help reduce the cost of remediation.

These built-in security technologies help secure and protect business clients where current technologies cannot reach. This paper surveys these embedded technologies from Intel and how they can help IT’s toughest security challenges.

Read the full Enterprise-Ready Security: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors White Paper.

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