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Intel® 82573 NVM Map, Programming Guide: Application Note

This document covers programming information for the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) of the Intel® 82573. For purposes of this document, 82573 refers to the 82573E, 82573V and 82573L, unless otherwise stated.

The Intel® 82573 requires non-volatile content for device configuration, log events and firmware extensions. The NVM might co...ntain the following four main regions:
• LAN Configuration Space for Hardware. This area is accessed by hardware and loaded by the 82573 after power-up, PCI reset de-assertion, D3 to D0 transition, or software commanded EEPROM reset (CTRL_EXT.EE_RST).
• Firmware Space. This space is accessed by the 82573E/V in Alert Standard Format (ASF) mode or by the 82573E in Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) mode. In ASF mode, the 82573E/V loads the data following power-up, ASF soft reset (ASF FRC_RST), or software commanded ASF EEPROM read (ASF FRC_EELD). In Intel® AMT mode, this space is protected against software access, and the firmware might access it at any time.
• LAN Configuration Space for Software. This space is used by software only. Register descriptions are listed here as a convention for the software only and are ignored by the 82573.
• Boot Expansion Space. This is accessed by software and is used by the BIOS at boot time

A software utility based in Microsoft* DOS called EEUPDATE was created by Intel and can be used to program EEPROM images in development or production line environments. To obtain copies of this program, contact your Intel representative.

Unless otherwise specified, all numbers in this document use the following numbering convention:
• Numbers with a suffix of “b” are binary (base 2).
• Numbers that do not have a suffix are decimal (base 10).
• Numbers with a suffix of “h” are hexadecimal (base 16)
Note: The 82573V and 82573L devices do not support Intel® AMT. Any references relating to Intel® AMT only apply to the 82573E.

Read the full Intel® 82573 NVM Map, Programming Guide Application Note.

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