Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform

Intel® Education Solutions: Product Reference Designs

Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform

Intel creates and develops the designs that are the technological foundation of Intel® Education Solutions 1:1 eLearning solution. We provide these designs to manufacturers around the world who use them to create the hardware and software targeted to local markets.

Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform (Intel® RCP)

The Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform brings connectivity from cities to outlying areas, enabling Internet access where satellite and cable are not an option.

  • Provides a robust, long distance, Wi-Fi based backhaul connection
  • Consumes very little power – ideal for emerging markets
  • Requires minimal setup efforts and maintenance with self configuring software


  • Students – 24/7 access to resources outside the classroom, and the ability to create and share content with ease
  • Parents – More opportunity for involvement with students’ educational activities
  • Ministers of education – Easier management of schedules, school resources, policies, and audits from a single interface

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