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Provincial 1:1 eLearning Program Sets Example for Rest of Turkey

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Provincial 1:1 eLearning Program Sets Example for Rest of Turkey

Province of Kocaeli, Turkey, boosts ICT literacy with 1:1 technology integration program.

Based on original data collection and analysis by researchers at Anadolu University in Eskişehir, Turkey, in collaboration with SRI International and Intel


The metropolitan province of Kocaeli, Turkey, is among the most industrialized and wealthy in the country. To sustain the region’s economic growth and eventually become the “Silicon Valley of Turkey,” the local government recently invested in a successful 1:1 technology integration program.

Kocaeli’s integration program began in 2009 with an initial pilot rollout of about 27,000 Intel-powered classmate PCs to sixth-grade students across the province. Another 27,000 devices were distributed in the fall of 2010. The plan is to continue distributing 27,000 devices a year through 2013, for a total of 130,000 PCs. The computers are provided free to the students and their homeroom teachers, with customized software pre-loaded on each PC.

The success of the province’s 1:1 technology integration program is in large part due to the leadership of the local government, involvement of key stakeholders, and the continued integration of professional development efforts for teachers. For other cities and provinces in Turkey and around the world, the project serves as an example of how local initiatives can improve education and build a better future for communities.

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