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India International School CaseStudy_Final_150113

Integrated Technology Transforms Education in India

India International School, based in Bangalore, India, in their endeavor to provide holistic value-based education to their students, integrated technology into their learning system and transformed their education delivery system ultimately resulting in a positive impact in their overall education system.
Information and technology are essential for any school to deliver an effective and inclusive learning environment and prepare students for a bright future. There is an urgent need to move away from the traditional model of direct instruction and shift to a student-centered learning system achievable through the effective use of technology. Students should be taught to investigate on their own to prove their hypotheses, go deeper into the topic they are interested in, learn to work as a team, and, above all, generate and acquire new knowledge.
Equally important is that teachers need the freedom to focus on teaching while monitoring student progress and accelerating education outcomes. Overall, there is a need for an inclusive education system that improves the learning experience for students, parents, teachers and schools.

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