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SPARKvue* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

SPARKvue* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

SPARKvue* is a data analysis application used to study science and math concepts. The sensor-based data analysis tool provides a meaningful and engaging way for students to experience twenty-first century science learning.

Features and Benefits
• Uses the device’s built-in camera and sensors to collect sound, temperature, ambient light, and acceleration data. Optional external sensors can collect additional data.
• As data is collected, it can be visually represented in a graph, table, meter, or digital display.
• Several included preconfigured lab experiments engage students in collecting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions. Step-by-step instructions make it easy for educators to get started.
• Data can be printed or exported.
• Journal feature enables students to capture screenshots and make annotations to build a final report.

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