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The Planet: Blue Skies, Green Clouds

The Planet is a trusted hosting partner to over 20,000 global businesses, providing rock-solid server resources that range from a single dedicated server to co-location services to fully managed hosting. Building on a commitment to outstanding performance, reliability, and unrivaled value, The Planet is a leader in a competitive and fast-changing industry.

Businesses turn to The Planet for cost-effective, leading-edge technologies that will deliver great performance and help them control costs. The Planet runs over 50,000 servers, so maximizing density and minimizing energy consumption are vital concerns. “The more clients we can support per square foot, the better,” says Todd Mitchell, general manager of dedicated hosting and global services for The Planet.

Mitchell’s team tested a pre-production version of the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series, running benchmarks based on The Planet’s Web hosting workloads. “We saw very large performance increases—big leaps and bounds,” Mitchell states. “Using comparable SKUs and going from the Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 series to the 5600 series, we saw around a 30 percent increase. The 7500 series gave us another 35 to 40 percent increase on top of that. This is very scalable performance, and will have a big impact on density.”

The Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series enables The Planet to expand its high-end offerings, run more virtual machines per server, and meet the needs of customers focused on density and performance. The processor’s intelligent performance and advanced reliability features will also support the expansion of its newest service, The Planet Server Cloud*. In addition, the processor’s energy management capabilities help make The Planet a greener company by automatically rebalancing workloads to reduce after-hours energy costs.

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