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Power All Oracle* Environments with the Cisco Unified Computing System*

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Power All Oracle* Environments with the Cisco Unified Computing System*

Cisco: Accelerating Oracle performance at lower cost
Cisco Unified Computing System is an innovative new architecture with record-breaking performance.
Ideal platform for all Oracle environments
Support for leading operating systems and virtualization platforms provides exceptional freedom for Oracle environments

Information is money
Timely information leads to timely decisions.

Scale to meet business needs
Quickly, easily, and accurately scale to handle workload fluctuations using Cisco service profiles.
Unified fabric reduces cost
Use a single network, rather than two or more, to reduce the number of components and cabling, reducing both capital and operational costs.

Business continuance is simplified
Enable remote systems to be provisioned in minutes to mitigate risk in the event of a failure over a wide geographic area.

Better together
Cisco and Oracle enjoy a long relationship and continue to work together to co-develop solutions

Cisco and Oracle have joined forces to dramatically increase IT infrastructure reliability and agility while drastically reducing complexity. The results of this unique approach are innovative, cost-effective, and flexible infrastructure solutions that meet dynamic and evolving challenges.

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