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Intel in Arizona

Since 1996, average annual economic impact tops $2.6 billion


Investing in Arizona

Intel established a presence in Arizona in 1979, and began operations in Chandler the following year. With about 10,300 employees, Intel Arizona is the company’s second largest site in the U.S., and is the largest employer in Chandler. In February 2011, Intel announced that it will invest $5 billion to build a third high-volume semiconductor manufacturing facility at its Chandler site, bringing thousands more construction and permanent manufacturing jobs to Arizona. The new facility, dubbed Fab 42, is scheduled for completion in 2013 and will be the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing plant in the world.

Between 1996 and 2010, Intel invested more than $12 billion to build high-tech manufacturing capacity in Arizona. Each year, the company also spends more than $450 million in research and development in the state. Intel’s average annual economic impact in Arizona tops $2.6 billion, including more than 20,000 non-Intel jobs resulting from the company’s presence in the state.

Intel’s two existing high-volume manufacturing facilities in Arizona—Fab 12 and Fab 32—incorporate a number of energy and water conservation measures that exemplify Intel's long track record of environmental stewardship. In 2011 Intel became the first semiconductor company to obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for existing buildings, certification for its entire Chandler, AZ manufacturing campus which includes three generations of wafer fabrication plants, support and office buildings.

Intel Arizona provides two full-service, on-site healthcare facilities for employees, along with a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Intel in the Community

More than 4,400 Intel Arizona employees volunteered in local schools and nonprofit organizations in 2011. Through the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program, the Intel Foundation extends the impact of employees’ volunteerism by donating cash to each qualified nonprofit and school where Intel employees and retirees volunteer 20 hours or more in a year. Employee service in 2011 could result in Intel Foundation donations of more than $1 million to Arizona schools and nonprofit organizations.

Through the annual Intel Community Giving Campaign, employees make contributions to nonprofit organizations that are matched with Intel Foundation funds to the United Way. The 2011 campaign generated over $8 million for the Valley of the Sun United Way, including Intel Arizona employee and Intel Foundation contributions.

Arizona Quick Facts

  • Employment:  10,300
  • Capital Investment: $12 billion in manufacturing since 1996
  • 2010 United Way contribution: $8 million
  • Total economic impact: $2.4 billion

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