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2001 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Executive Summary & Key Indicators
Each of our stakeholder groups has different and growing information needs. This citizenship report attempts to cover the points of interest to various Intel stakeholders: our employees, communities, shareholders, legislators, educators, and non-governmental organizations. The report addresses many of the primary components of the global reporting initiative (GRI) guidelines, with additional descriptions and supporting metrics where appropriate. This report covers programs and results from 2001. However, since this is our first report, much of the content on principles and practices goes even further back in time. We address Intel worldwide operations and cover key efforts in community outreach; external education initiatives; and environment, health and safety. We also cover other efforts related to corporate responsibility, such as supply chain management, organizational health and great place to work programs, diversity, and corporate culture and values.

To provide meaningful trends, we have included three years of data wherever possible. Where additional data is available from other Intel Web sites, we have called that out as well. In addition, we have incorporated key goals and results from 2001 throughout the report.

2002 Goals
• Recycle 45% of the chemical waste generated from our worldwide facilities.
• Recycle 60% of the solid waste generated from our worldwide facilities.
• Offset at least 25% of our total incoming fresh water supply needs with reclaimed water and more efficient systems.
• Incorporate energy-efficiency design requirements into our design and procurement processes. Register all of our semiconductor facilities worldwide to ISO 14001.

Health and Safety
• Be the world-class benchmark for employee health and safety performance.

Read the full Intel Global Citizenship Report 2001.

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