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Whale at Computer Electronics Show (CES)

Flying whale takes storytelling to the next level

Intel Labs researchers explore technologies to take storytelling to the next level including the Leviathan demo, a 3-D flying whale that swam out of the screen to hover over the crowd at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Keven Stonewall

A shot at preventing colon cancer

Kevin Stonewall presents research on his vaccine for preventing colon cancer, including response, tumor growth, and survival rates in mice, as a finalist at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair1 (Intel ISEF).

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Titan Arm

Superhero solution on a student budget

The Titan Arm wins first place at the Intel-supported 2013 Cornell Cup USA, showcasing the abilities of the easy-to-use, inexpensive, powered exoskeleton in assisting with lifting activities and muscle recovery.

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Margaret Morris

Your computer, your silver-tongued sidekick

Intel Labs researchers develop technologies, such as Verbalucce—an app for profiling linguistic styles, that turn your computer into a silver-tongued sidekick that analyzes communications with feedback to help you communicate more effectively.

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Conflict-free minerals being mined

Intel and conflict-free minerals

Learn about Intel’s efforts to achieve a conflict-free supply chain with transparency and reporting by driving accountability, encouraging broad action, and in-region sourcing.

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Jimmy the robot on a desk

Imagine your robot today. Design one tomorrow

Discover how Intel’s 21st Century Robot program hopes to increase the growth, diversity, and utility of robots with a 3-D printable open source robot.

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1. Ein Programm der Society for Science & the Public.