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Evaluating Tablet TCO in the Enterprise

Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for Tablets: Guide

Tablets are becoming increasingly common in the enterprise, largely because they offer a new level of mobile productivity. Workers can collaborate and stay connected with a portable, easy-to-use form factor that they can take on the go. Customer-facing workers can better serve customers’ needs with quick access to real-time data and tracking capabilities that improve service and reduce wait times. While the productivity benefits are undeniable, there are associated costs with tablets that are critical to evaluating total cost of ownership (TCO).

Many organizations make the mistake of focusing solely on device acquisition costs, without considering related expenses. There’s a common misconception that overall costs are reduced when the user purchases the tablet, or when the price of the tablet is lower, but it’s not that simple. In fact, the cost of the actual tablet represents only 20 to 35 percent of total operations and support costs.

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