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Intel Public Policy

How Intel Promotes Innovation Worldwide

Public Policy

How Intel fosters innovation worldwide

Intel works with governments, organizations, and industries around the world to advocate policies that encourage new ideas, promote fair commerce, and protect resources. By promoting innovation and competition worldwide, Intel seeks to help people and businesses thrive in an increasingly global economy.

Tax and trade

Tax and trade

Read our policies for fostering global trade, supporting positive tax reforms, and eliminating the barriers surrounding importation of products from one country to another.

Import and Customs Policy >

Trade Policy >

Tax Policy >

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Health and environment

See the policies and practices we’ve put in place to promote better health for people and the planet.

Personal Health and Health Information Technology Policy >

Environment and Energy Policy >

Content, communications, and privacy

Content, communications, and privacy

See how we encourage digital innovation while protecting intellectual property and consumer interests.

IP and Patent Reform Policy >

Media and Content Policy >

Communications and Broadband Policy >

Security and Privacy Policy >

Standards Policy >

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