Zero Creative: Getting Strategic about Digital Signage

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Zero Creative Gets Strategic About 3-D Digital Signage

Digital, out-of-home signage is a fast-growing phenomenon, but standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult. Based in the Netherlands and with clients around the world, Zero Creative was founded in 2005 and is a pioneer in developing 3-D digital signage. It has worked with Intel to develop interactive, 3-D signage that enhances the consumer experience with the power of gaming and virtual reality technology.

• Realize potential: Move digital signage from flat, uncreative content and enable brands to maximize the unique possibilities offered by digital out-of-home displays.
• Stand out: Create advertising and promotional campaigns that stand out among increased amounts of visual stimuli and social media messages.
• Create an immersive experience: Bring consumers’ experience of gaming and virtual reality to the world of digital signage.
• Ensure high-end performance: Guarantee seamless, high-end service in the face of rapid but volatile growth in processing demand.
• Develop real-time 3-D content: Create immediately available content in response to consumer activity and publish to multiple sites simultaneously.
• Future proof: Continue innovating to stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry

• Growing customer base: Zero Creative can count some of the world’s best-known brands among its worldwide customer base.
• Strategic market segments: It is developing a leading position in fast-growing Asian, Latin American, and certain African market segments.
• Ground-breaking customer experience: Zero Creative has helped change the way that brands and retailers interact with customers and promote products.
• Platform for future innovation: Zero Creative has created a platform that gives it plenty of scope to grow and expand and react to client demand for innovation.

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