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Sensata Technologies Utilizes Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

Sensata Technologies formerly Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls, is the world’s leading designer and supplier of sensors and controls. The name Sensata comes from the Latin word sensata, meaning “those gifted with sense.”

Sensata’s innovative solutions in sensors and controls improve safety, efficiency, and comfort for millions of people every day in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, and marine applications. Sensata, which currently employs approximately 9,500 people, manufactures over 20,000 different highly engineered and application-specific products. Over one billion units are shipped each year.

Digital imaging

Sensata Technologies utilized Intel® CoFluent™ Studio system architecture design software to develop a new camera system aimed at automotive and security applications.

The design team created a model of a camera system to simulate the behavior and time properties in Intel® CoFluent™ Studio. Architectural choices were studied and hardware/software partitioning alternatives explored. For each architecture option, local memory requirements, potential traffic bottlenecks, execution times, and complexity of functions were studied and analyzed.

This type of decision was made using spreadsheets in the past. Other eSL tools were also evaluated. Only Intel® CoFluent™ Studio provides the high-level system architecture analysis in the early specification stage Sensata was looking for.

Read the full Sensata Technologies Utilizes Intel® CoFluent™ Studio White Paper here: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/cofluent/cofluent-modeling-success-sensata.html

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