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Avco Systems and SCC Create a Centralized Information View

Avco Systems and SCC Create a Centralized Information View

• Reduce complexity. Create a solution that enables social workers to access all the information they need, quickly and accurately, from one central point
• Stay mobile. Ensure the new solution works seamlessly from employees’ mobile devices to keep them connected at all times and in all situation.

Solutions<br> • Sin.gle View of the Child*. Avco Systems created an application tailored to pull all information strands together and deliver them to child support officers.
• Recommended devices. IT solutions provider SCC identified Intel® Core™ processor-based mobile devices as best for performance, touch and security.

• New customers. The combined software and hardware solution enables Avco to engage new types of customers in the local government space.
• Deployment already. Customers have already deployed the Avco solution to hundreds of employees.
• Great flexibility. The solution can be tailored for any user group, with other versions already planned.

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