Cloudy Skies are Good for Business The economic backdrop in recent years has been exceptionally challenging for businesses. As ever in a competitive marketplace, the ability to differentiate and outperform one’s peers can make the difference between success and failure – between profit and loss. Today, the challenge is finding how to create that differentiation in the most cost effective fashion,... as well as meeting the multifaceted needs of the business and its various internal functions. Introducing new tools and efficiencies to help drive new revenue streams and increase profit mar¬gins is often prohibitively expensive. Substantial financial outlays — upfront costs for large software license deals or capital expenditure for IT infrastructure — are frequently a barrier to buying and deploying business software that could help companies operate and compete more effectively. Cloud computing has emerged within this context as a highly disruptive technology which is breaking down some of these existing constraints. Offering new delivery models and commercial opportunities, cloud computing in its various forms has captured the attention of the business world for good reasons. It brings unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness to business. Intel and SAP have been collaborating and co-innovating to ensure that businesses benefit from the very best of cloud computing experiences.

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