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21ViaNet: Using Leading Technology to Ensure Quality Service

Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series helps 21ViaNet‘s cloud computing platform maximize its virtualization technology advantages


As a company focusing on R&D and business applications for cloud computing services, 21ViaNet launched the first business computing service platform in China, CloudEx Elastic Computing Platform*, in January 2009. It provides Internet infrastructure services to customers with a cloud computing mode using Intel® Virtualization Technology. With the growing recognition of cloud computing services in China, 21ViaNet faces new challenges caused by the growing number of customers and their fast-changing business needs.

• Meet growing customer needs:

21ViaNet wants to further adjust and optimize its CloudEx Elastic Computing Platform using new technology to meet the increasing needs of its customers.
• Improve the reliability of virtual machines:

To 21ViaNet, more stable virtual machines with lower failure rates mean better service quality.
• Enhance server’s supportability for virtual machines:

Improving the supportability of a single server can reduce the operating costs of 21ViaNet.

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