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Intel and UFIDA work together to "brighten" the UFIDA WECOO Cloud

Intel and UFIDA Work Together to Brighten the UFIDA WECOO Cloud

UFIDA* WECOO upgrades its SaaS service with the latest cloud computing technology

UFIDA* WECOO is a corporate entity of UFIDA, the biggest ERP software vendor in APAC and a leading management SaaS vendor in the PRC. WECOO launched in July 8, 2008, and focused on providing the necessary network infrastructure, software, and hardware platforms for SMB. WECOO also provided implementation and maintenance services. Since its successful launch, WECOO users have increased, and the higher TCO brought great challenges to UFIDA WECOO. At the same time, end-users have defined more service requirements such as dedicated resources, flexible SLA choices, and more. To lower operational costs and provide better service to end-users, Intel and UFIDA work together closely, using cloud computing technology to access the UFIDA WECOO Cloud, and have successfully built new IT infrastructure and business models.

Overview and key features

UFIDA WECOO is based on SaaS theory and models, that is, to use the Internet as the “channel”; integrating software, maintenance, and service, and providing on-demand services to the enterprise. This service can be provided on demand and charged on a monthly basis. It provides highly efficient, low-cost, and low-risk information services, making it possible for SMB to rapidly implement IT solutions with low prices, improve management efficiency and effectiveness, and support SMB’s fast growth.

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