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SepTeMber 2011

Peer Research Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security Whyyoushouldreadthisdocument: Thisreportdescribeskeyfindingsfromasurveyof200ITprofessionalsthatcan help you plan security into your cloud initiatives, including the following: • Protectingplatformandinfrastructureresourcesaretopconcerns. • Securityplaysafoundationalroleinthedecisiontoimplementaprivatecloud. • Nearlyhalfoftheoverallorganisationalinvestmentincloudinitiativesis securityrelated. • Securitydrivesoutsourcingdecisions. Peer Research Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security Content 3 About This Report 4 Executive Summary 6 Key Security Drivers 9 Current Cloud Environments 12 Role, Level of Investment, and Experiences 16 A Trusted Cloud Service Provider 22 Your Peers Speak Out 23 CloudSecurityProfiles 25 Conclusion 26 Appendix: Methodology and Audience 2 Intel IT Center Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning | Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security About This Report The issue of cloud security is keeping many IT managers from fully embracing the cloud—even with large potential savings in infrastructure costs and improved businessflexibility.WithGartnerpredictinganaccelerationofcloudcomputinginthe 1 enterprise,wewantedtofindouthowITprofessionalsareaddressingthechallenges ofcloudcomputing,especiallytheissueofsecurity. 2 Wesurveyed200ITprofessionals about a wide variety of cloud topics, including the key business and technology drivers behind their implementation plans, the importance of security in determining how the cloud is implemented, and their level of investmentinsecurityaspartofcloudinitiatives. The aim of this report is to provide benchmark data you can use for your own cloud security planning. Theresultsofoursurveyaredetailedinthisreport.Thegoalistoprovideyouwith data that can serve as a benchmark for how your peers are approaching cloud security,sothatyoucanuseitinyourownITplanningefforts. 1 Gartner Says Worldwide Cloud Services Market to Surpass $68 Billion in 2010.Pressrelease.June22,2010.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1389314 2 RespondentsareITprofessionalsinorganisationsof100to1,000-plusemployeesacrossavarietyofindustries.See“Appendix”fordetailedinformationonthe respondentprofile. 3 Intel IT Center Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning | Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security Executive Summary Security a Key Driver for Cloud Planning The IT professionals surveyed for this report represent companies across the continuum of cloud computingexperience,fromearlyconsiderationtodeployedservices.Oneinfivecompaniessurveyed isalreadyofferingcloudservices(18percent).Twoinfivearecurrentlyintheprocessofimplementing (42percent),andanothertwoinfiveareintheevaluationstage(38percent)orplanningtoevaluate 3 cloudinitiatives(4percent). Notsurprisingly,securityplaysamajorroleintheselectionofadeploymentmodelfor99percentof thecompaniessurveyed.However,for44percent,securityissuesarethefoundationfortheirdecision makinginselectingaprivateversuspublicclouddeliverymodel. Role of Security in Decision (n=200) Small Role 1% Key Finding: Security plays a major role in cloud model selection. Foundation 44% Strong Role 55% Which of the following best represents the role security played or is playing in your decision to implement your cloud initiatives via a private versus public cloud? Q: 3 Thosewhoarenotyetinvestigatingcloudcomputingorhavedecidednottoimplementcloudcomputingwereexcludedfromthesurveysample. 4 Intel IT Center Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning | Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security HowDoSecurityIssuesInfluencePlanningforCloudInitiatives? Protecting data, platform, and infrastructure. The most common drivers of security plans for cloud initiative issues are relatedtoprotectingcustomer,vendor,andemployeedata(80per cent);protectingserversandotherplatform/infrastructureresources fromattack(76percent);andprotectingfinancialdata (72percent). surveyed.Ahybridcloudispreferredby31percentandapublic cloudby11percent. Security drives outsourcing decisions. Security was cited as the biggest concern by 66 per cent of those surveyed about outsourcingsomeITtoacloudserviceprovider. High levels of investment. The level of investment to protectthesevitalenterpriseassetsissignificant.Whenaveraged acrossoursamplegroup,nearlyhalf(48percent)oftheoverall organisationalinvestmentincloudinitiativesissecurityrelated. A clear preference for deployment model. The leading deployment model today is a private cloud, utilised (or most likely to beutilised)byalittlemorethanhalf(52percent)oforganisations Key Finding: Protecting platform and infrastructure resources is a top concern for more than three- quarters of IT professionals. Other Key Findings from the Survey Include the Following: Implementing security is no easy task. Most report havingexperiencedmoderate(60percent)ormajor(22percent) challenges. Security concerns are similar for outsourcing. Similar to general concerns about security in the cloud, data loss and compromised platform or infrastructure assets are the biggest concernsfortwo-thirds(66percent)ofITprofessionalswhenit comestooutsourcingtoacloudprovider.Notsurprisingly,the security capabilities Read the full SepTeMber 2011.

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